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State of the Game

Since I was asked, I'll mention it in some detail here:
I'm currently on the third draft of a game called Cloak and Dagger, which is my spy-genre game.

I'm currently putting together the first draft of the Advanced Fox Magic game, which will go into a lot of detail concerning the kitsune, but also deals with coyotes in North America, foxes in Europe, shape shifters in China, and foxes in Korea.  I'll be touching on the shin in China, the faie in Europe, and the manitou in North America as well.  If things go well, I'll also be dealing with magic in these different regions as well.  The book will also allow yokai of various sorts as PCs - including the okami, bakeneko, tanuki, and tengu.  The tanuki are going to be... fun... to write.  >.<

I'm working on the second draft of Obake, a game inspired by Pokemon - where I decided to do some serious world building to look at the implications of having almost everything be 'alive' in a sense, and what happens when these creatures react to human activity.  When you wage war, and thousands die, how does the world itself react to that?  Answer?  By almost wiping out all of humanity across two continents.  >.>

I'm sitting on a game called Trionfi, and deciding how to tackle it.  I wrote a lot of mechanics for it, then decided that the mechanics don't work.  I'll need to rip them out, remove any indication that these mechanics exist, and start fresh.

I'm sitting on a game called Titanomachy, and trying to decide how to deal with that.  This is going to need a bit more world building to get done, I've got the basic concept, but really need to get some outside help to expand on it.  I'm also sitting on a similar game that I tried to do for Pathfinder, but it looks like it won't work.  I might have to move that to the same engine as well.

I'm working on a setting for a friend of mine, and considering how to expand on the concepts there as well.

Finally, tying this all together, I'm modifying the Story Point System.  I've looked it over, and removed the parts which don't work, while tweaking other parts.  Play style is exactly the same, but the use of attributes and modifiers has changed, to make the game faster and much smoother.  Playtesting on it has gone very well, so I'm happy.  I've written some about it on my Fool's Moon blog over on the company web site.


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Jun. 7th, 2014 10:28 am (UTC)
You know, one day the time will come when there will the game for the were-spiders of west Africa.
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