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The Spider and the Butterfly

Also known as the Vash vs Knives scenario, from Trigun.
Vash is watching a butterfly caught in a web, and a spider approaching to eat it.  He feels bad for the butterfly and wants to save it, but if he does, the spider goes hungry.  Because Vash is obviously upset, Knives solves the conflict by killing the spider, proving he is superior to the spider.  This upsets Vash even more, as 'he wants to save both'.  Knives considers that an impossible puzzle.  This, of course, becomes a metaphor for how they act in the future.  Vash tries to save everyone, and do no harm.  Knives considers himself a predator and disposes of those he considers beneath him.

So.  Did Knives make the correct decision?

You see the spider and the butterfly.  What do you do?
Tags: self-reflection
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