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Well, crap.

So, our roomie's moving out in September.  This was dropped on us rather suddenly, and we're trying drastically to scramble and salvage what we can.  What this means is Cat needs to pack up the spare bedroom so we can have the person move in upstairs instead of the basement, we're going to need to have our roomie empty the basement area so we can clean it, and then we need to move all of Cat's stuff into the basement from the spare bedroom.  And we need it done before September.

On top of that, one of our cats is sick.  We're taking it to the vet, to see what we can do.  She's stopped using the litterbox completely, and now she's pissing and pooping by the front door.  Not something you want when you're trying to get a roomie.  We're hoping there's something we can do about this - the alternate is... depressing.  :(
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