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Too Much, Too Soon

A brief rundown.
1) My sister's made a post.
2)  I had to put one of my cats down three weeks ago.
3)  I'm having to possibly put one of my cats down tomorrow.
4)  Our roomie gave us two month's notice he's moving to Toronto.
5)  We utterly failed to get a new roomie.
6)  Ergo, we're moving.  With three weeks to pack.



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Aug. 11th, 2014 05:14 pm (UTC)
Definitely too much too soon! We are overwhelmed too: we just moved; Jason has school again soon, there's the LTB hearing, and I have to look for a new job so that I won't be out of work too long once this contract ends.

Have you got your place to go to? Or will you be somewhere temporary while you hunt? (Moving in winter *sucks*, but you might be able to lock in a lower rent, or get a free month or two, by moving in winter.)

When I have a crisis I feel better when I get the practical side under control. Our movers were impressed with my box and room labelling. I know Cat wanted me to help out, though at the time she thought the move was in the farther future. I could probably still help out in person somewhat, with a lot of allergy pills. But meanwhile have some potted organization to get you started?

1. Purge/store semi-ruthlessly.

If you don't use it and you know it won't fit somewhere in the new place, it's probably time to pass it on or dispose of it.

If you aren't sure how much you use it or it might fit somewhere/do something useful in the new place, try to find it space or some temporary storage with family or even a storage locker for a month or two, because you will have many things to replace to fit the new drawers/windows/cabinets etc. If your new place is temporary or inadequate enough that you might move again in a year, then storing the furniture etc. might be cheaper than buying again afterwards, if what you have is good quality or loved.

Then once you have a clear idea of what you are using/needing/where it will fit/what size you need, it'll be time to go through that stored stuff and decide to reuse or dispose.

2. Have enough supplies.

Buy or find enough packing tape, regular tape, newsprint/bubble wrap, boxes, markers, scissors and labels. You might also want the flat twine saran-wrap-on-a-stick, though it's expensive.

Get the right sizes of boxes. You have lots of books; therefore you need many small and medium boxes. Except for clothes or extremely lightweight or large things, stick to 2 cubic feet and under. We had about 150 boxes, possibly a few more. Plus furniture, of course. It all takes so much more space when you can't use the storage furniture to store anything.

Space and time are supplies too! You really truly need to have either an overlap in time and multiple truck runs, or you need to have storage space. I'm speaking from experience on this point! Spend some money if you have to, to make enough more space or more time. Without enough space/time overlap, you *are* going to have a disaster.

3. Box labelling and management!

Label *EVERY* box with a box number, destination, and contents. I have far too many blank labels and a box label template I can give you. If you label them in a consistent location, it makes a this-way-up marker as well. If you reuse boxes, having your own label will save you so much aggravation!

Put bright flags on special categories: essential, fragile, and liquids. (Liquids get sealed in plastic bags or boxes unless they are being babied in a car.) We used fluorescent post-its and a sharpie. Essential is whatever you want to unpack in the first few days.

Make multiple box-piles: regular, fragile, and heavy. This helps with properly loading the truck. (We boxed light fragile things together, and heavy fragile things together, with plenty of padding or sub-boxes. So far no broken things.)

Get a very recognizable notebook and for each box, list: box #, destination, origin (if different), and contents. (Put the origin because if stuff changes rooms, you will probably remember where it used to be much better than where it's going.) Leave a little room in the margin. Then as you load, unpack or whatever, you can add a mark or cross out the box.
Aug. 11th, 2014 07:25 pm (UTC)
That sounds stressful. Hope it doesn't get too overwhelming. Take care of yourself!
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