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Living in Interesting Times

So, in the past month:
I lost two cats, three weeks apart.  I wish you well, Neko and Mau.
I got a kitten, Mogget, to keep Malkin company.
A friend of mine lost her fiancee.
Another friend of mine lost his uncle.

My roomie's heading to Toronto.  Told me this after I had signed the lease.
Tried to desperately find a roomie.  Failed.
A friend offers a condo apartment.  Rent is excellent.  Place is excellent.  Location is excellent.
Found out I was stuck on this lease for two months.
Got October's rent covered.
Got September's rent covered.

Got about a week to get most of my packing done and sent to the new location.

Can you guess I'm hectic?
Tags: death, life
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